“A valuable supplement

to one's trade-specific professional development."

~Alex Mili, Attorney


Seahorse Coaching offers two-hour training sessions designed to fit any member of the community that is looking to increase professional skills.

Seahorse Coaching identifies key corporate needs and creates training to enhance the professional skills of the employees.

Keynote presentations

“I enjoyed learning I don’t have to spend a great quantity of time with each person, I can make

more impact using the 5W+H=YOU! It definitely changed my networking style.” 

~Shelby Everline, Office Manager 

Introduction video

We provide a 360 degree survey to identify areas of focus and coach toward increased strength in each of seven focus areas.

Community Seminars

Corporate training

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  • Individual Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Motivational Messaging
  • Community Seminars
  • Board of Director Analysis
  • Resume' Development
  • and more!


Speeches or presentations customized to motivate, influence, or generate thought upon small or large groups. Length can be


personal coaching

“Jeff is an amazing trainer.  Regardless of your background, you will learn something new!” Kris Mitchell, WV

“They brought this guy in from Delaware and he was brilliant!” Anonymous attendee, IL