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“They brought this guy in from Delaware and he was brilliant!”

~ Anonymous attendee, IL

Seahorse Coaching identifies key corporate needs and creates training to enhance the professional skills of the employees.

Community Seminars

“A valuable supplement to one's trade-specific professional development."

~Alex Mili, Attorney

We provide a 360 degree survey to identify areas of focus and coach toward increased strength in each of seven focus areas.

Keynote presentations

  • Individual Coaching
  • Corporate Training
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Motivational Messaging
  • Community Seminars
  • Board of Director Analysis
  • Career Services
  • and more!

Introduction video

Corporate training

“Jeff is an amazing trainer.  Regardless of your background, you will learn something new!”

~ Kris Mitchell, WV



personal coaching

“I enjoyed learning I don’t have to spend a great quantity of time with each person, I can make

more impact using the 5W+H=YOU! It definitely changed my networking style.” 

~Shelby Everline, Office Manager 

Seahorse Coaching offers two-hour training sessions designed to fit any member of the community that is looking to increase professional skills.

​​​“I enjoyed meeting with Jeff today. He was very helpful in pointing out new ways to format My resume to sell myself better to employers. He had a lot of good ideas on how to better prepare myself for interviews and how to discuss my work gap. Jeff was very professional and knew his business. I would recommend anyone looking for these types of services Jeff offers to that would help you land a job ~Chuck Griffith, Executive Director

Speeches or presentations customized to motivate, influence, or generate thought upon small or large groups. Length can be